FM Arne Jochens


My name is Arne Jochens and I am a FIDE Master from Germany. I love chess, in particular endgames, the English Opening, the French Defense, Bent Larsen, Tigran Petrosian, good chess books, and teaching. I learned the game relatively late myself (when I was 16 years old) and am mostly self-taught (the hard way). This makes me a good teacher because I created my own curriculum and learned very consciously. I have coached students both privately and in groups at the club and state level since 2000. Currently I am Director of Content and a Primary Instructor at

Outside of chess I am a mathematician with a Dr. rer. nat. degree (similar to a Ph.D.) in biology (statistical genetics) from Kiel University. I am married and have one daughter. My native language is German, but I also speak English fluently.


Some information about myself: Username:


  • Twice able to help my team to get promoted to the Bundesliga (first German league)
  • Have competed against many strong Grandmasters

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