Nikolas Theiss


My name is Nikolas Theiss and I am a USCF Expert from Maryland. I learnt the rules of chess at a young age but didn’t start playing competitively until I was a teenager. Despite my relatively late start, I progressed fairly quickly to Class A strength, winning a few class prizes along the way. Calculation and all its facets: move selection, visualization, and pattern recognition are my favorite aspects of chess. I’ve coached adults and students both in person and online. As I wrap up my Bachelor’s in Cybersecurity, I’m transitioning into coaching chess full-time online.

Aside from chess, I enjoy rock climbing, running, and chess variants like crazyhouse/bughouse. Although speaking as a coach I don’t recommend spending too much time on variants, as a player I have to say they’re a ton of fun!

Nikolas Theiss

Some information about myself:

  • Nikolas Theiss
  • Highest USCF Rating = 2186
  • USCF Expert since January 2017
  • 8+ years of over-the-board chess coaching experience
  • 3+ years of online chess coaching experience



  • 2016 Chicago Open U1900 – 1st (6/7)
  • 2008 Atlantic Open U1700 – 1st (5/5)
  • 2008 Liberty Bell Open U1500 – 1st (6/7)
  • 2006 National Youth Action Blitz – 1st (12/12)

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