Online Chess Coaching


Affordable online chess coaching is one of the most convenient ways to improve your chess game. You get to stay in your comfortable home (no need to drive anywhere!) and communicate with a strong chess player who will help you find the weak points in your game and help you to recognize areas needing improvement. Once we find those areas, I will then begin to put a plan together for us to improve your playing strength. I do this inline with your playing style as well

But when there are other coaches that teach chess online too, what makes me different from them?

The key word is personalization

Any coach can take a chess lesson template and go over the information with every student that they have. I however, feel that no two students are the same. This means that no two lessons should be the same. There should never be a “manuscript lesson” or a “cookie-cutter lesson” that a coach uses with all of his students in the same way. What separates me from the other coaches out there is that every lesson I give is customized to fit your game. For example, if we find that you need work on your positional understanding, then that is what we will work on and I will find you specific examples and patterns that will help you to best understand the positional understanding better so that you can apply it in your own game.

I also tailor each student’s homework to focus on specific parts of your game that need improving. And while you are doing your homework, I am also doing my homework. I research and study my students on my own time. I find what you are lacking in your game so that we can patch the holes and make you a better chess player. Another example: If we are going to cover an opening line in a lesson, I will study the line myself before the lesson begins so that I can familiarize myself with it so that I can help you better. My goal is to make you the best chess player you can be!

What topics will be discussed throughout our lessons?

  • 4-step thinking process that will help you to think through all of your moves and improve your game immediately
  • 7 imbalances in every single chess position so that you can always have a plan in each position
  • Anatomy of a combination and how to find them in your own games
  • Importance of patterns and themes in chess and their effect on our learning
  • Building you an opening repertoire based on your personal playing style
  • Preparing and learning opening lines as well as overall ideas and patterns in specific openings
  • Analyzing your games as well as showing and removing the defects in them
  • Working on tactics so that you can be sharp during your games
  • Increasing positional understanding in the middlegame
  • Improving your endgame technique
  • Reviewing the games of the classic masters
  • Learning about psychological issues such as the competitive mentality, falling into time pressure, etc. that can help or hurt your play
  • Giving personalized homework to focus on specific parts of your game that need improvement
  • Also, anything that you would like to improve on that is not mentioned here specifically

I also provide you with:

  • PDF copies of books that I own
  • Websites and tools that I feel are the best to use to improve your game
  • Weekly emails to keep you updated and on-track with your goals
  • Reviews of your games anytime you need them

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