Prodigy Program: “Master Chess at Any Age, Within 5 Years!”

university-banner-900x150 is extremely happy to announce it’s partnership with Chess University! We will be assisting them in order to improve the quality of online chess instruction! Read further to learn about a program geared for novice players!

Chess University is the premier chess-teaching organization on the internet with over 30,000 members. Chess University offers online interactive college-like chess courses, live seminars, simultaneous exhibitions, online chess camps with world-class teachers, and has recently launched the world’s best chess-learning program: the Chess University Prodigy Program: “Beginner to Master Within 5 Years!”. Instructors formally or presently associated with Chess University include: 2012 Vice World Champion GM Boris Gelfand, GM Roman Dzindzichashvili, GM Maxim Dlugy, GM Valeriy Aveskulov, GM Ben Finegold, GM Levan Aroshidze, GM Magesh Panchanathan, GM Mac Molner, GM Dejan Bojkov, IM Valeri Lilov, IM Daniel Rensch, IM David Pruess, FM Dalton Perrine (myself!), FM Arne Jochens, NM Dane Mattson, NM John Williams, and Chess University President Kairav Joshi.

Presenting Chess University’s Prodigy Program:
“Beginner to Master Within 5 Years!”

Would you like to become a chess master? If you are a youth player, would you like to become a chess prodigy? Yes? We want to help you! This online super-coaching program by Chess University is designed to create chess prodigies out of youth players and take them, or any adult chess player as well, to master-level within 5 years. By offering high-quality live lessons, detailed study plans, relevant homework and unlimited guidance from our world-class team of coaches, we have created a program that can take any chess player to master-level within 5 years. Additionally, by recommending a few chess books and fully using resources, we will ensure that students receive the best chess education available anywhere. This is a program for both kids and adults!

Key Details:

  • Taught by’s best-selling coach, Kairav Joshi, along with FM Dalton Perrine, FM Arne Jochens and other popular Chess University instructors including former USCF President Maxim Dlugy, GM Valeriy Aveskulov and many others. We may have a super-GM instructors soon as well!
  • Over 12 hours of live lessons per month that are also recorded for future reference
  • A detailed 7-page study plan each week! About 10 hours of homework will be assigned each week
  • An online simul and online correspondence tournament each month
  • Full email support for all students. We offer unlimited guidance and tips!
  • Class size: At least 40 students per group
  • Live lessons on weekends starting around 12 PM EST (Eastern Time U.S.)
  • Tuition: $150/month per student. Family discounts available. No long-term commitment required
  • Spread out over 12 hours of live online chess classes per month, this equates to $12.50 per lesson not even including the other benefits that are included in the tuition!
  • Sections: 900, 1200, 1500 and 1750 ELO

“By designing the Prodigy Program, Chess University has created a brilliant solution for chess players around the world. By offering lectures, training sessions, game analysis sessions, homework and guided study plans all in an organized manner, the Prodigy Program enables easy and efficient chess learning. I wish such programs existed when I was a young and ambitious chess player! If you want to make your chess study productive and want to become a strong chess player, I highly recommend joining Chess University’s Prodigy Program”.
–Former USCF President and #1 Blitz Player, GM Maxim Dlugy

Note that this is seriously a prodigy program. Parents who sign up their kids can (and should) expect their children to improve at chess very quickly. The Chess University Prodigy Program is not only a prodigy program for youth players though. Adults who want to quickly improve at chess may join too! This program is open to all chess players, regardless of age. We can use university terminology and say that the Chess University Prodigy Program has been cross-listed as a “Master Chess at Any Age, Within 5 Years!” program.

If you’re interested in the Chess University Prodigy Program: “Master Chess at Any Age, Within 5 Years!”, fill out the brief form below and click the “submit” button. I will contact you shortly with more information about the program and help you with the sign-up process :-)