Student Testimonials


“Sign Up For Lessons Immediately! I received an excellent breakdown of some of my games. What I really enjoyed was the clear explanations to my questions, the book recommendations, and the clear plan to improve my chess. Just sign up :-)”
Marc (California, United States)

“Thanks a lot for the lesson. I learned a lot from you in an hours time. So I look forward working with you!”
Rob (Michigan, United States)

“I am really excited about this new approach to my chess learning. I have always loved chess but have never really devoted serious time or study to it. I’ve tried various books and courses at times but I guess I have become frustrated by the awfully wide nature of the subject and essentially have got lost without a clear plan of study”
Clive (New Zealand)

“I’ve only taken one lesson so far but I can tell that Dalton’s teaching style will be of great help. He is very friendly and patient, even with low level players like myself”
Joey (New York, United States)

“Had a great first lesson with Dalton. He is a knowledgeable and patient coach who pays careful attention to your current progress and playing styles. He provided clear and useful suggestions after spending time reviewing the games sent to him. I would definitely recommend him as one of the best chess coaches around who himself is a strong tournament player and can share real life playing experience with you!”
Nathan (Florida, United States)

“First lesson went well.  Dalton is clear and concise. Easy to understand.  I hope to become a better player with his coaching help”
Norm (New Jersey, United States)

“I had my first lesson last night.  We went over a game of mine and he answered many questions.  I’m signing up for a block of lessons and we will see where it leads.  Dalton has a study plan in mind to help me on my weak points.  Up to the next level is where I’m headed”
Robert G. (Connecticut, United States)

“Mark Dvoretsky once said that serious work with a chessplayer beings with a diagnosis of the student’s strengths and weaknesses. I have taken lessons from two other coaches in the past and Dalton is the first one to have started off with an interest in learning the style of his students so that he can personalize his lessons to enhance your strengths and eliminate weaknesses. I highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about improving their chess
Jefferson (Illinois, United States)

“I have already signed up for a full block of lessons.  After working with Dalton I know the best and fastest way to improve my chess game is to have him as my coach
Steven (Indiana, United States)

“Had my first lesson with Dalton recently and it was very productive. He explained things very clearly and was able to touch on subjects that would help improve my game the best. I had nothing short of a great experience and will be continuing our lessons”
Richard (California, United States)

“My first lesson with Dalton was – first and foremost – enjoyable, and I think that’s a key component to any effective chess coach. He broke down my needed areas of improvement and identified some key components in my own play & style, which isn’t easy for any chess player to do for him/herself! I was very surprised at how quickly time flew in our lesson, but we covered great ground, and it was only the first (of hopefully many!). Dalton’s a class-A act who can improve any aspiring tournament player with his game. Highly recommended!
Coel (Hawaii, United States)

Just had a great first lesson with Dalton. We went over some recent games. He pointed out a new plan that I had never considered in an opening structure I frequently get. He also found some weakness in my ability to recognize the most active squares for my minor pieces. I think the first lesson was definitely worth the money, and I’m looking forward to working more with him. I would highly recommend you do the same
Robert H. (Michigan, United States)

Dalton offered me exactly what I asked for in my first lesson because he was very well prepared with a outline of opening lines and games.  Plus, he showed me a modern technique to use to look at any position and evaluate it using specific, easily recognizable standards. I signed up for more – it was a no-brainer – and look forward to the next lesson
Chris (New York, United States)

“I just had a good opening lesson with Dalton. I could tell that he was well prepared and all of his correspondence we professional. I even received a reminder email. The lesson was easy to follow and I look forward to learning more.”
Terrance (Florida, United States)

A great lesson… I could actually pay attention to what he was trying to show me without taking notes because he sends it later in an email. Great. He teaches you what you want or need to learn not just what he wants to teach. I believe I will acheive my goals with his instruction. A good teaching style with clear explanations…you get more than your money’s worth.”
Walt (Virginia, United States)

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