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Thank you so much for visiting where I will take your game to the NEXT LEVEL. This is the website of chess coach and USCF National Master / FIDE Master Dalton Perrine. I created this website to help people who want to improve their chess game, increase their strength and raise their rating. There are many parts of a chess game such as opening patterns, tactics and positional skills in the middlegame, endgame technique, and even psychological issues that we will work on in your own personal game. All of my lessons are personalized to each specific student. I made this website to provide you the ability to get in contact with someone who is able to give you personalized chess coaching and put you on the road to chess mastery. You will also find more information about study programs, articles about improvement, video courses and livestream shows as well.

Interested in affordable online chess coaching? See more information about my online chess coaching services by clicking on the “Online Chess Coaching” link. How will the first lesson with me work? Visit the “First Lesson” link to find out! You can also read about how some of my students have enjoyed their chess lessons with me by visiting the “Student Testimonials” link.

Finally, when you are ready to get in contact with me to schedule a time for your first lesson, you can do this by visiting the “Contact Me” link.

Everyone has the ability to improve at chess by a big margin. I will teach you how to improve quickly and eventually reach the level that you desire.

With my coaching, we will take take your game to the

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