FIDE Master Dalton Perrine


Hello! My name is Dalton Perrine and I started to play in competitive chess tournaments at the age of 10. My chess career started out playing in central Florida at the Orlando Chess and Games Center and Central Florida Chess Club. Thanks to the internet I have been able to also play with opponents from all over the world, defeating many International Masters and Grandmasters online and a few of them over-the-board too. I have been coaching chess online for more than 8 years with many students winning tournaments and have also been promoted as Chess University’s Director of Instruction. Aside from chess, I like to travel, listen to music, rock climb and play many different sports.

dalton perrine cfcc championship (3).jpg

Some information about myself:

  • Dalton Perrine
  • 29 years old
  • Highest USCF Rating = 2362
  • Highest FIDE Rating = 2374
  • USCF National Master since 2011
  • FIDE Master since 2014
  • Started playing chess competitively at age 10, now 29 years old with 19+ years of competitive experience
  • 9+ years of coaching experience with chess players online
  • Many students have won tournaments and increased their rating hundreds of points since working with me
  • One student won $10,000 at the Millionaire Open
  • Director of Instruction and one of the Lead Instructors for Chess University Username:


  • Tie for 1st in 2010 & 2011 U.S. Amateur Team South Championships
  • 10th Annual Dothan Open Champion
  • 2nd place at Central Florida Class Championships
  • 1st place at Central Florida Chess Club Master Invitational
  • 1st place at Jacksonville City Championship
  • Multiple Orlando Chess & Games Open 1st places
  • Multiple Central Florida Chess Club Tornado 1st places
  • I have defeated 3 Grandmasters over-the-board (Highest chess rank in the world)
  • I have defeated many National Masters over-the-board

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