What Topics Will Be Discussed?


What topics will be discussed throughout our lessons?

  • 4-step thinking process that will help you to think through all of your moves and improve your game immediately
  • 7 imbalances in every single chess position so that you can always have a plan in each position
  • Anatomy of a combination and how to find them in your own games
  • Importance of patterns and themes in chess and their effect on our learning
  • Building you an opening repertoire based on your personal playing style
  • Preparing and learning opening lines as well as overall ideas and patterns in specific openings
  • Analyzing your games as well as showing and removing the defects in them
  • Working on tactics so that you can be sharp during your games
  • Increasing positional understanding in the middlegame
  • Improving your endgame technique
  • Reviewing the games of the classic masters
  • Learning about psychological issues such as the competitive mentality, falling into time pressure, etc. that can help or hurt your play
  • Giving personalized homework to focus on specific parts of your game that need improvement
  • Also, anything that you would like to improve on that is not mentioned here specifically

I also provide you with:

  • PDF copies of books that I own
  • Websites and tools that I feel are the best to use to improve your game
  • Weekly emails to keep you updated and on-track with your goals
  • Reviews of your games anytime you need them

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