NM Theo Slade


Hello! My name is Theo Slade and I was England’s top scorer at the World U16 Olympiad in China as an U12 and I’ve been writing a monthly column for the British Chess Magazine since I was 12 years old. I’m the youngest ever writer for the world’s oldest chess journal! I became a National Master when I was 17 and a Life Master at 18.

In 2012 I captained England to victory at an international tournament. Personally, I scored an undefeated 4.5/6 on the top board. Later that same year at the Guernsey International Open, I won the brilliancy prize chosen by GM Tiger Hillarp Persson.

theo slade

Some information about myself:

  • Theo Slade
  • 19 years old
  • Highest USCF Rating = 2266
  • Peak FIDE Rating = 2175
  • USCF National Master since 2018
  • USCF Life Master since 2019
  • I have defeated a Grandmaster in a classical game
  • One of my students increased their rating over 500 points in less than a year, winning $600 in a tournament!

Chess.com Username:

Notable Tournament Victories:

  • 11 Orlando Chess & Games Quick Opens
  • 6 Lake County Chess Clubs
  • Southern Open
  • Orlando Autumn Open
  • Gulf Coast Premier
  • Gulf Coast Open
  • North Florida Open
  • Gainesville Open
  • Halloween Open
  • Orlando Chess Club Elite
  • Southern Class Championship U2200
  • Southern Open U2100

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