4-Week Essential Study Program


NextLevelChessCoaching.com 4-Week Essential Study Program

I created this “4-week Essential Study Program” for players of all levels to have a scheduled, structured routine for daily chess study. Throughout my 6+ years of teaching chess, I had found that the majority of people don’t know WHAT to study or much less HOW to study chess correctly. It is my goal to help you to improve your play by providing you this essential study program.

The emphasis of this program is on consistency and active learning techniques. Throughout this program you will learn the most effective ways to study tactics, analyze your own games, learn from master-level games, improve at endgames and work on openings. This program includes:

  • 12 pages total
  • Specific tips, advice and suggestions on how to do everything within the program
  • Videos explaining everything step-by-step
  • Book recommendations
  • Website links for a variety of drills, statistics, databases and other resources
  • 4 full pages within the study program that give you a full monthly schedule and show you EXACTLY what to do every single day of the week
  • Explanations for why the program is set up the way that it is

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